This was a once in a lifetime concert… As if the Glastonbury festival was only for the happy few!

A garden party, a farewell to our dear hosts, Paul & Emma, a shared performance with our partners who helped us promote the new album in England and beyond. We had so many friends to thank on the night…

But it was most importantly a concert for a string of VIPs, celebrity friends from England, like Françoise PASCALE, our compatriot actress, and the N°1 supporter to our songs, Mike Read.

Some VIPs asked not to be named or photographed. Others, we did not know. Only later did we realize that we were singing in front of the next Chancellor of the Exchequer, or performing in front of the most important 60ies female icon, Patti Boyd. It was also a wonderful reunion with our dear friend from the St Géran years, Suzie Valentine.

And last but not least, it was an after concert celebration with our musicians, in recognition of their support in England during 6 months. Thanks to “Gravity” beer…. We couldn’t make it up… or any better. It was a day or night we will never forget!