“Fire & Ice featuring Basia” has just been released before Christmas with a captivating video-clip. It is your gift for the festive season! This song has been in the making since 2014. It has finally hit the airwaves in its definitive format.

With a distinct Bossa Nova inspired theme, the melody is crafted around beautiful and intricate vocals that tell a very personal story. That of sisters from a tropical island, attracted to Northern shores, crossing the path of a Polish singer, turned international star from England, herself in search of Southern beats. This has produced our unique singing partnership, which lasted nearly a quarter century. The perfect blend of melodies by Basia with twin vocals.

The backing track is driven by the subtle Latin guitar touch of Giorgio Serci and intoxicating flute sounds from Paul Booth. Yet, the smooth elegance that transpires throughout the song stems from the unique vocal chemistry that we have developed with Basia, over the years. Lush vocals for a feel-good message, honoring this lasting friendship.

“Fire & Ice” is more than a song. It is a celebration of life focussed on our best touring memories. Especially during our current difficult times. This is the reason why our song is so timely. “Some say our world…