At the beginning of this month, our new album was completed. All tracks were recorded and mixed. Mastering was the last remaining piece in the puzzle. But before flying to London to coordinate these final steps with Richard BULL, we contacted this company in Kingswood (Surrey) to promote our album in the British Isles. 

The response by Lisa’s business partner, Michael Armstrong was positive and immediate. Joint plans were made for an album release at the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Lisa Davies has a 40-year experience, having collaborated with the very best in the music industry. She was Promotions Manager for the then CBS label, Epic. She first executed hugely successful promotions in England on album campaigns for artists such as Michael Jackson, namely ‘Thriller’ and ‘Bad’, The Jacksons, Abba, Wham!, Meat Loaf, George Michael, Sade (albums ‘Diamond Life’ and ‘Promise’), or Men At Work, to name but a few.

In early 1990, due to a high demand for her PR services, Lisa set up her own company, Lisa Davies Promotions. She rapidly found herself being hired by all the majors and many indie labels too, working on their priority releases across all genres.

In 1999, following high recommendation from Hank Marvin and The Shadows’ management, Lisa was introduced to the legendary Sir Cliff Richard. Her first project for Sir Cliff was ‘The Millennium Prayer’. The release went to No. 1, sold 1.4 million copies, and became the biggest selling single by a British artist that year. Cliff was so impressed with her work and as a result marked the start of a massively successful 2+ decades of handling the promotion of Sir Cliff’s singles, albums, DVDs, books, and tours. Lisa forged a wonderful close working relationship with Sir Cliff, and he remains one of her all-time cherished artists and friends.

Lisa is also privileged to have worked with a plethora of other global star clients, including Chris de Burgh (since 1998) and Mark Knopfler (since his global Top 3 hit album ‘Sailing to Philadelphia in 2000). During the same period, Lisa also spearheaded the promotion of African Zulu group Ladysmith Black Mambazo, famous for their collaboration with Paul Simon on his Graceland album.

It is therefore with great anticipation that we will work with this leading music professional in England in order to boost our soon to be released album. This partnership is also the recognition of our body of work in the past three years. Another page opens and will lead to us relocating to England in 2022… Exciting times!