Exactly a month ago today, a new TV show called VIBE was started in Mauritius.

Produced by MCB (the leading private bank) and directed by DIGITAL ISLAND (a leading video production company), this singing contest will be broadcast next year, each Friday night on “Prime Time TV” during the first semester of 2018 on MBC 1 (Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation) and Canal Satellite, throughout the Indian Ocean. This program which will start being aired in April next year is a local equivalent to THE VOICE, X Factor or “La Nouvelle Star” in France.

As the information is now public and was released on social media networks and in the press, we are happy to confirm that Annick will be among the 3 jury members, the only woman, alongside Richard HEIN, the famous local producer/sound engineer (Hans Nayna, Zulu, etc…) and Vishal MUNGROO, lecturer at the MGI and holder of a Master’s degree in classical indian music, specializing in hindustani singing from the Maharaja Sayajirao University, in the State of Gujarat, India.

This is a premiere in Mauritius for such an ambitious singing contest opened to all singers over 16. This will fill-up Annick’s busy programme and that of THE CLARISSE SISTERS, until end of June 2018. Let’s catch-up after mid-January 2018. Around 4 months for the first live show to be aired! Let’s Vibe!