We visited Warsaw in early May 2022, to promote our new album with the leading private radio in Poland: 357!

During this week around the country, we started with an interview run by Marek Niedzwiecki, star DJ on the Polish music scene, and a great connoisseur of Basia’s music.

Since December 2021, Marek has supported our title track, “Fire & Ice feat. Basia” which peaked at N°2 in his chart on 26th February 2022.

During this hour long in studio interview, Annick presented several of our songs, including the current single “Gravity” and 5 other songs. We also learnt that BASIA’s Polish famous song “Dzień się budzi“, was suggested by Marek, as a cover from a famous 60ies song in Poland. A beautiful title, since it means : “The Day is dawning”.

Our album promotion in Poland continued throughout the summer, with our 3rd single, “Butterflies in June” also peaking at N°2 on 19th July 2022.

Poland remains our darling country, since 2016, when songs from our first album Kaleidoscope! found success on Radio 357 (“Une feuille blanche”, reaching N°9 in the Top 30).