AT LAST! What a pleasure to witness Incognito in concert again, after the 2 great shows in Reunion island in 2008… This time, for Bluey, it is a memorable gig, as he will be playing for the first time on his native island of Mauritius. A historical concert indeed…

An evening full of emotions and great music at the MGI in Moka, on this (blessed) Friday 13th!

For Véronique first and foremost, as she will perform “at home” with the band she did a world tour with, in 1999.

For Annick too, as Paul Booth is long-time collaborator on songs like “Blues qui bouge” from Kaleidoscope! He will be on stage playing Saxophone.

Finally, for Dominique, as, even though the concert will take place in May, it will already have a feel of Butterflies in June… A theme for a future collaboration!