On this Saturday night, we took part in the LUXURY BRAND of THE YEAR Gala 2017 during which we performed our own songs for 45 minutes, especially those related to Mauritius, as the evening was a celebration of our own local Luxury Brands, like LUX Resorts and Hotels.

We then were delighted to be granted a Statuette, in honour and recognition of our historical artistic connection to Poland since 1994. Our story in this country goes back to the days of the very first BASIA tour in 1994, but it also continued with several other tours from 2008 until 2013. It then culminated in 2016 when our own album KALEIDOSCOPE! was played on Radio Polska 3, around the country.

We are really happy that our love story with Poland continues, and after this week-end in the country, the 2nd visit in 2017, we are confident that a lot more will happen in the future. For now, here is a great TV preview of this memorable Gala night: LUBELSKA.TV