The Clarisse Sisters

Singing runs in the family for The Clarisse Sisters. From a very young age, Dominique, Annick & Véronique Clarisse easily harmonized. This gift has crafted their signature sound developed around intricate vocals, polished over a 30 year career.

Fire & Ice

In February 2022, The Clarisse Sisters released their 2nd album from London. These thirteen songs combine intimate lyrics, great musicianship and world-class production. This release showcases three consummate individual vocalists turned ambitious songwriters.

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Fire & Ice

  1. Quietude The Clarisse Sisters 4:23
  2. I Wish You Well The Clarisse Sisters 5:34
  3. Fire & Ice feat. Basia The Clarisse Sisters 4:18
  4. Hum & Haw The Clarisse Sisters 4:04
  5. Impossible Love The Clarisse Sisters 5:12
  6. I Carry You The Clarisse Sisters 3:44
  7. Native Strangers The Clarisse Sisters 3:29
  8. Breathe The Clarisse Sisters 4:29
  9. I Hear a Melody feat. Bluey The Clarisse Sisters 4:31
  10. Cloud 9 The Clarisse Sisters 3:49
  11. Butterflies in June The Clarisse Sisters 3:48
  12. Gravity The Clarisse Sisters 4:09
  13. Je Ne Sais Quoi The Clarisse Sisters 3:48
Video clip

Butterflies in June

“The 3rd Single from “Fire & Ice” is “Butterflies in June”. It was released for summer, when love is in the air. The song first hit the radio airwaves at the begginning of the month, but was then disclosed further afield, reaching America on music day, 21st June. A week later, the video clip was unveiled… full of London flavours (and sights). After all, the song was developped by Incognito master composers/writers, Richard Bull, Matt Cooper and last but not least, Bluey. This special track will remain our best birthday gift…

Video clip


2nd Single released three days before the album, this love story is a toe-tapping anthem mixing feel good vocals with brilliant musical arrangements on horns (TRYPL) and guitar riffs (Giorgio Serci). This is timeless music, originally composed by Dennis Dowlut in Australia, then re-arranged with Paul Booth (Sax) in England. A lasting go-to track for groove lovers!

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