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Official Video Clip of “Guardians of Eden” © 2019 – TCS Productions – All rights reserved.
Shot on location in Cape Town from 29th April until 3rd May 2019 and in Mauritius on 24th June & 2nd July 2019.
GUARDIANS of EDEN was written with Cape Town in mind, our favorite City in Africa, and the first global metropolis that nearly ran out of water in 2018. Hence this video clip is an ecology anthem paying tribute to the natural beauty of the Western Cape of South Africa.
This song features on the album KALEIDOSCOPE! released in November 2015.
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Discovered in 1488, Cape Town is the Mother City of Africa, but also the Mother City of sub-Saharan Africa, including Mauritius. It is indeed from Cape Town that Dutch settlers founded the Indian Ocean island and gave it its name, in homage to Prince Maurice of Nassau, the then ruler in the Netherlands.
A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO: Olivier DAVID for composing the music for this song.
SPECIAL THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO CLIP TO: Lenzeye Productions – Leon PRINSLOO, Cel.: +230-57914166 for FILMING & EDITING.
THANKS TO SEBA-LABS – Sébastien TAHUCATTE, for motion graphics.
THANKS TO OUR PARTNERS & SUPPLIERS: Air Mauritius for flights to South Africa, Darkwing Aerials for Drone Footage and Make-up and hair artists: D&M Agency Cape Town:
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© TCS Productions 2019 – All rights reserved

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