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Featuring on ZULU’s 2nd album “Intimiste”

Last Saturday, we were invited to sing alongside local star male singer ZULU for the official launch of his second album INTIMISTE.

The concert was held on May 28th at the Hennessy Park BACKTSAGE Live Bar, filled to maximum capacity with 700 ecstatic fans.

Not only did we provide backing vocals on the whole concert, including the Finale, on last year’s hit SEGGAE PARADISE, performed on the album by our friend, the amazing singer/drummer Jason HEERAH, from Australia, but we were also delighted to present the 2 songs that we recorded back in 2014 with ZULU.

The first Duet is a tribute to Nelson MANDELA, a song called “MADIBA” – track 8, whom Annick was lucky enough to meet and talk to back in 1999 when she was a resident in Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA.

And last but not least, our favourite song of the album, the beautiful “SOLEYA” – track 5. A slow song, with a universal theme of redemption after broken relationships, when one sees the sun – Soleya – rise again…

June starts with new exciting projects….



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