The Clarisse Sisters


“Faces of Mauritius”… a book to be released in 2017

During our concert at Club 55 last March, we met one of Mauritius’ most acclaimed photographers: Paul CHOY, who recently contributed to the 1st edition of Porlwi by Light, with some spectacular night shots of the capital city.

The day before our concert, before soundcheck (above photo), on 11th March 2016, we met for a special “shooting” in this Grand Baie Jazz Club, and spent an hour after in interview. This content will form the basis of a chapter on THE CLARISSE SISTERS in this forthcoming book, due to be released in 2017 that will present all leading artists in Mauritius.

A beautiful day and a great memory of sharing experiences with a fellow artist (music & photography) … We look forward to discovering the finished product in 6 months!

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