The Clarisse Sisters

Piano & Vocals Recital – Airport of Mauritius


For the very first time a concert was organized at the Airport in the International Passengers Area, on Friday June 23rd and Saturday 24th.

This event was staged as part of the Music Week in Mauritius, so as to produce a video clip for the MTPA and AML, in order to showacse the Grand Piano donated by the AHRIM, and placed in the departure terminal for passengers to play on, between Gates 26 & 28.

This concert was a very peculiar one, having to sing over regular passenger announcements in French and English, and while a video shoot was taking place. But this enabled to produce the videos presented in these videos, as well as on the VIDEO section of this website.

On Friday night we gave a Piano+Vocals recital, while on Saturday night we focused on the Piano. Both nights, members of the travelling public on their way to Paris, London or New Dehli sang or took their turn to play the piano, as per this video.

A nice experience, which we hope will encourage passengers to show their pianistic talent in the departure lounge.

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