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Discover DEUTSCH DUKE aka Dennis DOWLUT…

We are proud to announce a new collaboration with Dennis DOWLUT, from Sydney.

As far as we are concerned, Dennis is one of the most iconic artists of Mauritian origin and his achievements since 1995 in Australia, the USA and beyond are tesimony to that.

His career starts in 2000 with the 2 piece band KAYLAN formed with his brother Darren. Their first album is a huge hit with 2 Singles in the Top 20 “down under”, including “Because of You”:

In 2001, the “Dowlut Brothers” move from the stage to the studio and share their time between writing their own material and production for others, including remixes for foreign artists. They change their name and become DISCO MONTEGO, releasing a new album, which is another success in Australia, especially with the Single “BEAUTIFUL” sung by Katie UNDERWOOD (below). In 2004 they will also release a remix for Mariah CAREY (Boy, I need you):

A new start in 2010, with Dennis choosing to start a new group with Jason HEERAH (drums and vocals) and Aaron MENDOZA (keys) inspired by 70ies sounds, Soul and Funk. ELECTRIC EMPIRE is born. Their first and only album (sadly) is a great success critically and commercialy speaking. It will make them tour Europe and perform in 2012 at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The single “Baby Your lovin” below captures the essence of EE and showcases their unique talent, which in our view positions them as one of the great acts to have emerged from Australia.

Unfortunately, the ELECTRIC EMPIRE adventure stops in 2014, since Dennis DOWLUT and Jason HEERAH are going in different directions. The latter will eventually choose to come and live in Mauritius when Dennis goes back to production and his studio in Sydney. He will establish DEUTSCH DUKE and will find success once more working on songs for several artists: SET MO, Kilter and MUTO. He also writes his own material, like this sleek track, “SO REAL”, on which he also sings:

An extraordinary career as musician, lyricist, composer, singer, arranger and producer. In short an accomplished artist that puts him in a league of its own, alongside Jean-Paul “BLUEY” MAUNICK (founder of INCOGNITO) in the Pantheon of the greats of Mauritian music.

This is the reason why we are so thrilled to confirm that our forthcoming album will include a song produced by DEUTSCH DUKE which we are writing together.

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