The Clarisse Sisters



We are very proud to present to you all this international initiative, aimed at bringing good energy back to our entertainment industry. Our sincere thanks goes to David Bloch for this wonderful idea and friendly invitation. Please like, comment, share far & wide! But please also discover, support and share all the[…]

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INCOGNITO in support of the NHS

INCOGNITO has just released a special single two days ago: “We’re in this together”, in order to pay tribute and support the National Health Service in the United Kingdom: doctors, nurses and all health professionals who were on the frontline of this pandemic. We are very happy to extend this[…]

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New song development : “Sail Away”

From the demo that Annick recorded in 1998 on a Jean René BASTIEN composition we will now release 2 songs. The first title was the Bossa Nova inspired “Hum & Haw” which we completed in December 2018. A second composition was developped from the bridge of that old demo.: a[…]

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“Hum & Haw” : new Single and Christmas gift

Here is the definition of this English expression, a verb built around two sounds: “Collins English Dictionary If you hem and haw, or in British English “hum and haw”, you take a long time to say something because you cannot think of the right words, or because you are not sure what to say. Synonyms: to hesitate, dither, vacillate, procrastinate, equivocate, fluctuate, waver, falter, prevaricate, be indecisive.” Hence[…]

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Featuring on 5 Tracks EP by Nicolas TARIK

Nicolas TARIK is a young and talented French singer-songwriter hailing from Lyon. After releasing his first 5 tracks EP in 2014 in France, he relocated to Mauritius and fell in love with the country. His tribute song “J’en aime une autre c’est l’Ile Maurice” touched us deeply, and since January[…]

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