The Clarisse Sisters

Dominique Clarisse

Nationality : mu

Dominique is the strong, generous and rocking third of the trio. With a soulful voice, she is the mature elder sister in the band. She will give you goose bumps….


Backup Singer Career: 1983 to 2013

Dominique sings since childhood. Walking to school she was already between Annick and Veronique… And homework was low on the list of priorities. Way below studying The Andrews Sisters vocal harmonies, rehearsing « We are family » from Sister Sledge released in 1979 or the latest hits from The Pointer Sisters in the 80ies which were all a steady source of inspiration.

Dominique started her singing career in the hotel circuit in Mauritius, aged 18, and she soon became « the voice » in one of the most beautiful hotels. To such an extent that she became the main lead singer in this luxurious resort hotel, alongside other performers including Annick and Veronique. End 1991, when Andy Bell introduced himself to the three sisters, Dominique was a young mother, which made it impossible for her to leave Mauritius for several months. Incidentally, this enabled the twins to live their dream. But Dominique with her talent and stage presence would impress many more VIPs and singers on holidays in Mauritius.

Dominique à la cour de Suède

Dominique at the Royal Court of Sweden


From June 1995 to April 2006, Dominique and the hotel orchestra were the preferred guests of the Swedish Royal Family. Whether for the 50th or the 60th birthday celebration of the King, a wedding anniversary or a party honoring the Queen, Dominique was in Stockholm on a regular basis, at the Royal Palace. In May 2003, it was the reigning Royal Family in Dubaï who invited Dominique and the hotel orchestra for a private concert staged for the Sheikh Al Maktoum anniversary.

In 2007 and 2012, Dominique went to Baku, capital of Azerbaidjan, for other private concerts honoring the daughter of a local Minister, whom they met at the hotel and who was seduced by Mauritian voices.

Dominique avec Boy George

Dominique Clarisse with Boy George & Chris de Burgh


While Annick and Veronique were abroad, Dominique had the privilege of meeting famous French singers, during their holidays in Mauritius. This often led to impromptu concerts and « Jam Sessions » for the lucky tourists who could sample these free gigs. In 2004, Dominique sang with Johnny HALLIDAY, and then in 2007 with Hélène SEGARA.

In the same fashion the regular presence of Chris de Burgh in this hotel each summer since 1998 enabled Dominique to develop a regular collaboration with the Irish singer. First of all for private concerts in Mauritius, then for a special Millennium show, 31st January 1999, when Boy George (ex Culture Club) joined Dominique and Chris de Burgh on stage.

Dominique Clarisse & Chris de Burgh

Dominique Clarisse & Chris de Burgh


Finally, Dominique sang as backing vocalist for the « Lady in Red » Star when she was booked with the Hotel band for two memorable private concerts at the Byblos Hotel (St Tropez) in July 1999 and July 2000.

But the most notable musical encounter for Dominique happened for 2 weeks in February 2001: Whitney Houston was on holidays in Mauritius. After connecting and clicking with the hotel band on the first night, she decided to offer an impromptu concert to the residents, with Dominique as back-up singer. A dream come true…

In June 2013, a new adventure was started, with the official formation of THE CLARISSE SISTERS, and the start of writing the KALEIDOSCOPE! album. A new chapter, a white page, but Dominique is still at the centre of the trio, between her twin sisters, as if going to school singing…


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