The Clarisse Sisters


Album officially released!

The waiting is now over! Our 1st Album KALEIDOSCOPE ! was released this Monday in digital format, and will be up for grabs latest by end of next week through all major platforms (iTunes, etc…) and physical CDs will be available as from early October, first in the Indian Ocean. It will be released in Mauritius first, then in Reunion Island next month and as from next year in South Africa.


  1. Well what can I say, this album has got everything I like, the jazzy feeling, the blend of beautiful soft and pitch perfect voices and most of all the feel good factor . Love it love it love it!! Well done and good luck,this is a great success . I am terribly homesick, thanks girls !!! Xxx

  2. …ladies, ladies, ladies congratulations!!! … what a wonderful collection of music you have produced, your vocals are just as i imagined…exquisite! Those little tasters definately left the feel good factor & i am more than ready to savour the full fx!
    Big love & nuff respect

    d:) xox

  3. Wow. Listening to it now and have to say you sisters knocked this one out of the park. This will get a lot of play in my house and car.

  4. Best thing I brought back from my annual trip to the homeland for many years …the music fits perfectly to my acquired taste for jazzy and melancholic tunes from some beautiful female vocals ….replacing my love for Sarah Vaughan, but above all expresses what I feel about my island since I had chosen to leave after 1968.

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