The Clarisse Sisters



Want to be seduced by three beautiful island girls singing with sunrays in their hearts, suntan on their skin, sparkles in their eyes, all in various reef shades of blue?

Born on the island of Mauritius (Indian Ocean) at the time of independence from Great Britain, Annick, Dominique and Veronique are recognized in their homeland as lead vocal singing sensations and backup singers with unique international success. Indeed, when raised so far away from the main music circles, only exceptional talent and a strong faith in good fortune could have enabled them to eventually sing on Broadway – New York City, London, Tokyo, Warsaw, Milan, Berlin, Dubai, St Tropez or Paris.

Growing-up in a household where music played a big part of everyday life – as the saying goes: ”…they sang long before they could speak…” – the girls credit The Andrews Sisters, The Three Degrees, Barbara Streisand, ABBA and Whitney Houston as key artistic role models. Thanks to the cultural diversity of Mauritius and its strong Creole, African and Indian influences, their musical heritage spawns from a wide variety of genres: French Chanson to local Sega, Indian to Classical music, Bossa Nova to R&B Soul, British Pop to Contemporary Jazz.

Before turning twenty, THE CLARISSE SISTERS had already made an impact on neighboring Reunion Island, singing at Le Théâtre du Tampon and Live on RFO TV (France). A few years later, the three sisters were celebrating their birthday attending a concert at La Citadelle – Port Louis – featuring the Trio Esperanza. That was a life changing moment, when it became clearly obvious that “this is what we will do…”. They had received the most amazing present and beautiful guidance on this starry night of June 1991.

THE CLARISSE SISTERS aka TCS first perfected their singing abilities by performing together for two decades in Luxury Resort Hotels in Mauritius, on world tours backing-up International Stars around the world, as well as entertaining VIPs on glamorous special events. Growing strong in confidence through years of complicity, their effortless harmonies are very tight and the chemistry between the tropical girls is magical. Their pitch perfect voices blend naturally to produce a female vocal trio of equally gifted lead singers, reinforced by the unique stage impact of two twins on either side of their older sister. Singing in French and English with superb ease and talent, the three sisters offer a cross-over Jazz repertoire that is literally second to none.

When in September 2013 TCS took to the studio to record their first album, they were at the peak of their craft, rich in their multiple experiences, and certain that they could bring female close harmony, sister bands tradition and backing vocalists turned main acts, to new heights. The 12 tracks that blossomed two years later are a perfect testimony of their natural yet shining beauty, fresh yet sophisticated style, exotic yet glamorous touch. Simple, honest, true, sensual, sensitive, natural… Yes they are! Their music is a journey through personal emotions, mythical landscapes, sentimental and nostalgic stories, inspirational poetry, original rhythms, intricate melodies, pure and beautiful intentions. It is Simply Divine!

THE CLARISSE SISTERS are united as any sister act can be… Given, they have three very distinct personalities, three different voices merging to form a beautiful trio, a perfect major chord. This harmony of blood and soul brings singing to new heights and emotions to new depths. Come and meet a major triad of unbelievable singers. Who is the root, major third and perfect fifth? Go figure…