The Clarisse Sisters


“Hum & Haw” : new Single and Christmas gift

Here is the definition of this English expression, a verb built around two sounds:

“Collins English Dictionary

If you hem and haw, or in British English “hum and haw”, you take a long time to say something because you cannot think of the right words, or because you are not sure what to say.

Synonyms: to hesitate, dither, vacillate, procrastinate, equivocate, fluctuate, waver, falter, prevaricate, be indecisive.”

Hence the ending for the song chorus: “At ease, and I….”

It is up to you to finish the sentence.

Our deepest gratitude to Jean-René BASTIEN for the gift of offering his song to us and Merry Christmas to you all!

Itunes link : Here